Shoot | 01
Shoot | 20 Doors

For this project we had to go out into the world and take pictures of 20 items that are the same but different so we could find the design in the world around us. I decided to do my project about doors because we don't know whats going on behind them.

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Shoot | 02
Shoot | A-Level Photography

While I was in sixth form I studied photography, this is where my love for photography started. I liked to focus on photography that got people thinking. I did a few shoots about mental health I also did a project about how people don't read actual books anymore.

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Shoot | 03
Shoot | Personal Photography

Outside of freelance work I love to take my camera everywhere I go. there is always an opportunity to take pictures. As well as work photography is a hobby that I love.

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Shoot | 04
Shoot | Freelance Photography

I have completed a fair amount of freelance work. some of the companies I have taken pictures for include Back Flood Press and UCAN Productions.

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