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Project | 01
Project | Shine The Light Records

For this project I wanted to make people aware of some very famous songs that when they were released, they were B-Side records. I designed a record company called shine the light records where I designed 10 records that highlighted the B-Side song over the A-Side.

Project | 02
Project | Welcome Graduate Newspaper

For this project I designed a newspaper that would be handed out to design graduates. This newspaper would highlight all things that they would forget or didn't know before leaving design school, such as keyboard shortcuts, page sizes etc. This newspaper is a practical but humorous tool.

Project | 03
Project | Dissertation Redesign

For this project I redesigned my dissertation. I wrote my dissertation about LEGO as everything LEGO is a passion of mine. My dissertation looks at all of the possibilities that come along with the product and what it has done other than being a toy.

Copies available on request.

Project | 04
Project | Asda Packaging Redesign

For this project we got set an assignment which was to take a project with packaging that we didn’t like and design it. I started with redesigning Asda’s own crisp packets but then moved onto designing more in the Asda’s own range.

Project | 05
Project | D&AD LEGO Competition

As part of our graduate portfolio module we had to choose a competition to complete, I am a massive fan of LEGO as can be seen by my dissertation so I chose the D&AD LEGO competition where I had to come up with a way for getting teenagers to play with LEGO.

Project | 06
Project | Guide to Electric Vehicles

For this project we all had to pull a topic out of a hat, mine was for electric vehicles. We then had to take that topic and turn it into a 10 minute guide infographic to go in a newspaper.

Project | 07
Project | Other People's Shoes

The aim of this project was to step into someone else's shoes and come up with a way of helping the person, I chose my niece Eva. She is registered blind and is learning braille in school. I designed these blocks to help her with her learning both both printed reading and braille.

Project | 08
Project | The Big Bang Theory Animation

For this project we had to choose a song clip and make it into a text based animation. I chose the intro to the big bang theory as it is one of my favourite TV shows. 

Project | 10
Project | Creative Conscience

For the project I had to think of a way to show people how high the recovery rate is from Covid 19. 14% of people who have had Coronavirus have died so I have shows this with the 14 different coloured people. Hold on, Pandemics End...

Project | 11
Project | The only War Being Won by...

For this project I decided to make a series of poster that could be sold to help with the Covid 19 fundraising. The posters highlight the entertainment industry that have supported a lot of people through this difficult time. 

Project | 12
Project | LifeWell Church - Christmas

I have been working alongside LifeWell Church for some time now and have done a lot of design work for them. I produced all of the branding for their Christmas concerts.

Project | 13
Project | LifeWell Church - Online

I have been making LifeWell church videos that can go online to replace their services while in the Covid 19 lock down.

Take a look at...

Project | 14
Project | LifeWell Church - Website

Along side the Christmas branding I have redesigned their website, check it out at....

Project | 15
Project | HCC Monthly Statistics

I work as a Junior Graphic designer for a web development company. We run a website for a meat production company and every month they bring out a newsletter with statistics, It is my job to put all of those statistics into a video every month.

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